Author Topic: Avast! AIS 7.0.1426 marking all messages as spam, outlook 2010 and 2007  (Read 2061 times)

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All mail is tagged as spam, remote office connecting to an exchange server at corporate. Users have tried marking the messages as "not spam", they have added the addressbook to the whitelist, they have manually added individuals as well as the domain to the whitelist without relief.  I have reverted to turning off the anti-spam.  This started happening about 3 weeks ago.  Most of the computers are Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit, running Outlook 2010 and a few running Outlook 2007, and one or two machines on Windows 7 32 bit.  This problem is happening on all machines. My users are intelligent enough to know when to mark spam as spam, and mark messages as "not spam"  when it applies.  I have not seen any activity related to this problem since march and searches have yet point me to a solution.  The only recommendations I am seeing are to turn off the anti spam.  Is Avast! anti-spam having difficulty reading the messages, from addresses, looking at the local user address book and even reading its own whitelist?  Help!!! :-\

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I don't use Outlook but have notified a Mod so hopefully you'll get an answer soon.  :)
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Thanks.  I tried registering to submit a ticket but cannot for some strange reason.  Anyway, un-installing and re-installing worked briefly, and at the beginning of each day the first few emails from same domain (different remote branch but same company) make it through and then it begins tagging nearly everything as spam.  I had all but a few of my users disable the anti-spam to continue testing,  but that is not a solution!  If avast support would respond and tell me what diagnostic info would be helpful I could provide it!   ;)