Author Topic: B.A.R.T.'s Salamander No Longer Works  (Read 5744 times)

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B.A.R.T.'s Salamander No Longer Works
« on: June 14, 2012, 04:14:27 AM »
All of a sudden, I've noticed that Servant Salamander doesn't seem to work on, at least, Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) machines! I keep getting an error message saying that the language file is either corrupt or missing.

I'm working with the "lastest" version of Avast! B.A.R.T. 3.0 (2.0.215) and I reinstalled it, too!

Does it still work for you?
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Re: B.A.R.T.'s Salamander No Longer Works
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2012, 08:17:18 PM »
I've done some further work on this topic. The version I was working with then was 4.8.1317.0, aka I just uninstalled it and installed the earlier version 4.8.1227.0, aka 2.0211.0., whose Salamander works fine!

BUT BEWARE, a simple virus definitions update of 4.8.1227.0, aka, automatically updates the entire program to the latest version 4.8.1317.0, aka, so you can no longer use Salamander. If you wish to use Salamander, burn a copy of 4.8.1227.0, aka, to CD-R BEFORE updating its anti-virus definitions.
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