Author Topic: Avast EP toolbar not automatically displaying in IE8; How to resolve?  (Read 5403 times)

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Good morning everyone,

     My default browser is IE8, but I do use Firefox about 50% of the time as well.  Since acquiring EP, I've had no problem with the EP toolbar automatically being displayed when I log-on to IE8 or Firefox...until today.  For some reason, when I go on IE8, the only way I can get the EP toolbar to be displayed is to click on the two small ">>" (the greater than symbols) shown on the far right of the Command Bar near the top of the screen, then click on the EP link shown in the drop-down menu.
(EP toolbar does still display automatically when using Firefox).

Within  the EP menu, Options > Login Browser, I have the "default browser" box checked.

My questionHow can I resolve this problem so the EP toolbar is automatically displayed when logged on to IE8, as it was before?

UPDATEI finally discovered the source of the problem.  I did not have the "Enable third party extensions" box checked in the Internet Explorer Advanced options.

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