Author Topic: 1.5 voltage high, cpu pegs, was infected  (Read 2007 times)

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1.5 voltage high, cpu pegs, was infected
« on: July 19, 2012, 02:21:21 AM »

New to Avast  Limited computer savvy

1.5 voltage screwy

history:   picked up awful malware  installed new XP and IE8
new Malewarebytes, Defender, SuperAntispyware, ZoneAlarm and new AV (Avast)  cleaned up able to return to browsing, but...

   Often CPU pegs. Task Manager says culprit is IE8 (of course), OR SYSTEM (not system idle). PC freezes must turn off

   installed Process Explorer, but it won't run.

  AND NOW  (suddenly)  MBM 5 (Motherboard Monitor) has informed me that one of my 1.5v is reading 2.38-2.4. All other voltages are okay (3.3 +5 -5 +12 -12) CPU 1.5 is also okay. Always has been at 1.47

   I do not know what this other 1.5 voltage is for. In MBM is listed W83627HF Aopen MX3S-T/MX3. I found that W83627 is a sensor chip on motherboard. I recall when I installed MBM it was called a "remote'.

  Mother is a Micro-Star Int  MS-6577
  CPU  Pent 4 2.53 FSB 133 Bus 533
  Memory 1.5 G
HP rig is 10 years old.

I would appreciate assistance.