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Safezone and running virtualized
« on: July 19, 2012, 03:45:23 AM »
Whenever i click safezone browser it does not open.
I use chrome as default browser.

I also turned on chrome.exe to run as virtualized automatically but ive never understood how it worked.
If i can run virtualized (outside my computer) i want to test if it actually works. If not i wanna try accessing it with this antivirus. I have the Avast Internet Security.

Also for sandbox when the option ask "run a virtual process" i try to put anything nothing works at all.

If someone can remotely access and help me fix these several problems id greatly appreciate it.
I also switched AVG to Avast recently and even with these problems I find Avast much better that suits my style. A great set of UI unlike AVG just plain.

I try to uninstall AVG aswell but it tells me its conflicting with Avast and I NEED to delete avast first before deleting it or IT will NOT delete.

I hope someone can help please ty.


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Re: Safezone and running virtualized
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