Author Topic: Avast 8, and Firefox Webrep not honoring settings and other issues  (Read 2696 times)

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Installed Avast 8 free through the GUI from Avast 7, using Windows 7 64 bit.  Everything is looking good so far, with some issues I found below. 

I want to use the browser plugin just for the phishing filter without displaying the webrep ratings.  I went to Webrep and Anitphishing settings and I turned off the "enable webrep" options and it works as intended for IE 10 and Chrome with the phishing filter working without the webrep ratings as according to my settings, however Firefox still displays the webrep settings despite the webrep turn specifically off. 

Specifically, I type in a search for google for instance, and on the first page the browser plugin works as intended showing no webrep ratings.  However showing any results past the initial page (page 2,3,4 etc) show the webrep rating.  Thus the plugin and the setting only works correctly as according to settings for the initial search page.  Again this is Firefox exclusive, I haven't been able to replicate this behavior in Chrome or IE. 

Also like to report a minor bug where I have been unable to install Avast adblock plugin in Firefox.  Not a big issue b/c I am already using real adblock plus for my main firefox profile, but it is not installing even on my fresh clean test profile.

Finally, I noticed that the adblock on IE 10 is too sensitive.  It might be a filter issue, but the adblock is blocking ESPN video from playing.  To test it out just open IE 10 (what I am using) and go to and click video on the front page.  It just won't play.  I just uinstalled Avast adblock and the video plays fine.  Don't know if it is site specific to ESPN, but ESPN is a pretty big site.