Author Topic: Root kit or virus or Trojan that plays a note at random  (Read 1842 times)

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Root kit or virus or Trojan that plays a note at random
« on: August 02, 2012, 01:44:21 AM »
Avast(the free version, one day I'll buy the paid version, right now I wish I could, as I'm barely making headway) upon installation had detected a root kit and supposedly had gotten rid of it(evidently not), I also had a piece of junk called the Startnow Toolbar installed(this is gone supposedly too), which I also did not install, once this toolbar had come back, Avast is up to date and says there is nothing it can detect, and yet HJT says I have several missing OS files, I'm running Win 7 Pro x64 sp1, it's as up to date as I can make it, This is on a self built PC that I built a while back. Avast just went through 102.2GB of data and found nothing, Yet the event viewer said that a multimedia class event played4 times today(a sound like a musical note) at 2:10:57pm, 2:17:21pm, 2:51:47pm & 2:56:58pm PT and I've looked at several programs that I run(Real Temp and MSI Afterburner) to see if this is an alarm sound and found it isn't, even Avast has its sound output shut off(this is nice, but a bit much really, the sound that Avast makes on a pair of amplified speakers)

I wish I could get some help, as My only other choice is to backup My files, erase the hdd, install Vista x64 and then install the Win7 Pro x64 OS(it's an upgrade DVD) and of course that means installing a WD 150gb raptor hdd that has a broken connector on it that I can't get replaced as it's out of warranty which would require proof even though I'd bought it at Newegg over 5 years back, I also need to install a new larger 1350w(Gold) psu as the one I'm using now is an 850w backup psu(Bronze) and being disabled that is not easy to do, nor is typing this in 81F and 80% humidity, outside the temp is 96F and 31% humidity.

Also this part is a complaint, I crunch for Seti@Home(run under Boinc) and Avast thinks that the Lunatics Seti app is a virus and tries to keep it from running and lacking enough info Avast decided "ok I'll let the user decide to run it or not", its not a virus, Avast has also in the past said the same thing of the Seti@Home stock app made by some people over at stock app uses an sdk to run, it's a shoestring operation that depends on donations), You know a University... I had to exclude both the seti@home app and the milkyway@home app... Oh and the HJT file is wrong as the Lunatics program is not running right now as I have the program set to run between 8pm to 8am, then it goes to sleep(suspended time of day), unless I override that setting in BoincTasks 1.38 and then it has to be cool enough as the Lunatics program crunches astronomical data on My EVGA Classified 1598 GTX590 card, it's My hobby...

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Re: Root kit or virus or Trojan that plays a note at random
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2012, 09:33:07 PM »
hey it sounds like you can have been hit by a rough or malware that comes with the toolbar.

i think this needs further investigation from a malware expert.

please follow this guide and attach your logs.

it might take some hours for  a malware expert to get on.
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