Author Topic: Does this lack some real basic fundamentals?  (Read 4876 times)

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Does this lack some real basic fundamentals?
« on: September 13, 2012, 12:21:31 PM »
Purchased this app a month or so ago, and it isn't behaving the way I expect it to cross browser.

Shouldn't this save form/login data, if I browse to a site that this app has saved login info for in a different browser, it doesn't auto fill fields nor even come up with any options to choose what I want to log in as or even say that there is a saved login for this website/page.

What's the point of that? Surely it defeats the purpose of this program? Or should it be doing this?

Are any more features being developed for this app, can we request features at all? IMO it should detect used fields before on web pages and display a tooltip below the field to give you an option of which saved account you wish to login with (as many websites we'll have numerous logins for).

I don't feel like we're getting our money's worth from this program at the moment :(