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Trouble with updates etc
« on: October 09, 2012, 02:49:12 AM »
Tues Oct 9 2012

Thank You for your reply. I followed your instructions. The Add/Remove is
not showing repair but on this page before I have been able to repair an
item or two. I clicked on but got a radio box telling me that there was an
error that it was only partly installed. Not true. Basically, it will not
get updates to definitions or allow me to install a new download or delete
in Add/Remove programs. On the Avast program page the UPDATE line is the
only one that is not ON and will not allow me to get it open.

Originally, when I was opening the session I was able to get an AVAST logo
in the right-top corner which was my clue I was right to go. This stopped
appearing in recent times. I tried to check and ticked a box that might have
been it but what it did was give me the line PROTECTED BY AVAST ANTI-VIRUS
when the Windows 7 logo appears during start up.

On Saturday evening I got three e-mails in at the same time, one being from
Amazon US. AVAST gave me a message that it had deleted the message in all
three because they had a virus. I had a copy in sent on one and it was not
so. The other two messages disappeared leaving me the empty shell. Very odd.

A few week's ago I installed a software program, DVD Profiler, which I have
had some good success starting to catalogue my vast DVD/Blu Ray films in my
personal library. It started to give me trouble this weekend. It would not
open and gave me a table to repair the program. Twice during this a message
called 9217 appeared and I did the same as with AVAST and could not alter or
put a new copy of the program over the current one. I wrote on the forum and
the reply said they had not seen Error 9217 for a longtime and suggested the
same procedure as for AVAST but nothing. The writer also suggested that an
Anti-Virus program might be involved somehow but did no why this might be
just a thought.

It is a puzzle. I had previously used AVAST for a longtime with no trouble
on other OS as well.

My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

Thank You
Ken Henderson/Australia

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Thank you for contacting AVAST Software company with your concerns.

Please follow these instructions:

Restart your PC.
Repair the avast! installation:
Click on "Start", find "Control Panel" and click on it. A new window will
In this window you should see the icon " ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS" (or "Programs
and Features"). Then choose the "avast! Antivirus" and select "REPAIR".

Restart your PC again.

If the problem appears, please send us the Support Package:
Open avast! - Maintenance - Support - Generate support package - Generate

Miroslav Jenšík
AVAST Software a.s.

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