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***** Zone Alarm Users - PLEASE READ! *****
« on: February 24, 2005, 10:54:21 AM »
Hi *,

it turned out that the latest version of avast antivirus (4.6.603), namely it's new "Web Shield" component, is incompatible with ZoneAlarm's privacy features (Cookie Control and Ad Blocking). The problem is very easy to notice - it usually causes web pages to not load properly (or not load at all).

For some, it is enough to set both of these controls in ZA from High to Medium level. For others, it is necessary to turn off both of these features for the Web Shield to work.

There's another work around that seems to be working. It consists of setting up a proxy server in your browser, with the following details:

proxy server name: localhost
proxy server port: 12080

Please note that the proxy server server should be set only for the HTTP protocol (other protocols such as HTTPS and FTP should be configured to go outside without proxy - leaving the appropriate fields in the config dialog blank).

Update: alternatively, try installing the pre-release version of the next avast update (as described here: ) - that should solve the problem as well.

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