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« on: March 05, 2005, 04:37:10 AM »
I dont understand what the purpose is for VRDB could someone explain


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Hi jazzy43,

There is alot of info about avast in the inbuilt help files, i will quote about the VRDB from the avast help file:

VRDB stands for "Virus Recovery Database"; it was known as "Integrity Database" in previous avast! versions. The aim of VRDB is to help when, despite all the security measures, a virus gets inside the computer and the files are infected. With the help of VRDB, it is possible to repair infected files (return them exactly to their original state). VRBD is announced by an icon with the letter "i" in the system tray (next to the clock). If the icon is animated, the database is being created right now.


avast! creates an integrity database, i.e. it stores information about the actual state of the files, doing it three versions back for each file. The database creation/maintenance is performed either when the computer is idle, or when the screen-saver is running (any screen-saver, not only the avast! one). This database, once it is created, is updated each three weeks (this value may be changed by editing avast4.ini).
If any file is infected by a virus, it is possible to repair it, i.e. turn it to its original state. If there are multiple versions of the file in the database, you can choose which version you want to restore.


The settings of VRBD can be changed by clicking on the icon in the system tray with the right mouse button. There are three options:

Generate VRDB when computer is idle. avast! will create its database only when the computer is idle, i.e. when it is not being used.
Generate VRDB only when screen-saver is running. avast! will create its database during the time screen-saver is running. It may be any screen-saver, not only the one included in avast!
Disable VRDB generation. avast! will neither create, nor update the database. If you select this option, it will not be possible to repair virus infected files in the future!

If you want to access the help files in the future, open avast scanning interface (double click the desktop icon) and when it opens press F1 on your keyboard.

Hope this helps.


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More info you could find in FAQ in my signature... browse a little to VRDB  :)
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