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New Premier
« on: March 18, 2013, 11:16:18 PM »
Well it did not notice the virus that I have, it was installed as update KB976932, It Is Very WIcked! got all credit ALL 80 GB of MP3's all Pix & ISO's all movies, and they have more authority than me!look at logs in system 32 win 7 pro 32 bit, InstallPackage_ETW.Log, I found the whole deal in there, they rewrite your BIOS bypass the TPM and then control the boot which bypasses most of windows. This thing will not go away! What Is good to wipe a hidden Partition off a WDC7500, running win& or 8, that will destroy the linux/unix that the partition commands are in? any one know of a tool? I have been at this since Dec.12 2012, (just found that log today)< they have a "Watchdog," and will go back in to do more harm if caught on th e net. SO bye for now!  can call 530-261-0295.
Thanks Ray P.