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Avast online security plugin
« on: May 17, 2013, 10:42:42 AM »
I have just updated avast to the new program version 8.0.1489 and when the computer restarted a window of google crhome asked me to install the online security plugin. I've done it and I have noticed that on chrome the old webrep plugin has been replaced by this new plugin, which has a different icon. On the other computer of mine the situation in different because on google chrome now I have two avast plugin: the old webrep and this new plugin of the new program version. My question is: have I to delete the old webrep plugin because the new plugin has the same function? It is normal that on IE and Firefox there's no change about the plugin icon? Because I see that on these other two browsers there is the old webrep icon only. I have also noticed that on both my two computers if I go in avast setup, at browser integration, il says that on chrome the security plugin is not installed, while I have installed it and it seems to work good. Can someone explain me what's happening?
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