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MSN Virus detected!!!
« on: March 31, 2005, 11:08:26 AM »
"This virus creates a file in C:WINDOWS named "systray.exe", and it will drop the virus "Adware.WinTaskAd". The virus downloads and installs more adware from other websites. The virus is disguised as an MSN Messenger hack tool. The virus displays a error message when executed, although there is actually no real error with the virus when you execute it.

McAfee and Symatec do not provide protection for this virus, but we have learnt of a 3rd party site that does. On a side note, this viruls attempts to spread a fake "Hack Tool" that transmits by the name of "MSN Fun Maker", and the actuall file name MSNFunMaker204.exe. It uses the generic Windows Installer icon. McAfee has responded by adding this file to there "Potentially Unwanted Programs" or also known as (PUP)" list. But Messenger Plus! Zone strongly thinks that it should be added to there latest virus definition."

Can Avast stop it?