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Questions on Deployment
« on: July 15, 2013, 09:00:38 PM »
Apologies if these are already answered elsewhere, I have looked and only found bits and pieces

1. Removal of existing software: From my understanding, Avast doesn't provide any tools for removal of existing other products in its deployment. So I will need to use logon scripts, group policy or some other method to remove existing anti virus.

2. Popup/sounds after install: Is it possible to prevent the popup warning and sound after install, according to, this was fixed in version 8 but didn't give a description as to how.

3. Deployment time out: We have computers that will be turned on at various points throughout the day, is there a method of assigning the deployment task so that it will be queued until access to a particular computer becomes available? The ones I have tried it on give the error that the admin share isn't available if it isn't able to access the computer at the moment the deployment task is scheduled.