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dancingbush and more
« on: April 30, 2005, 01:33:19 AM »

I just got done going through my registry looking for any variation of the words dancingbush  a pun of President Bush via a flash movie at

I had not seen the site before but for some reason, when in and out going mail is processed, is seen as part of the process everytime.  I have my own mail servers, scanned them, scanned everything possible with Microsofts Antispyware and Avast.

My registry did have the word dancingbush twice and those were deleted.

The website, dancingbush had a Glock virus in it according to a poster who's words were found in  Glock, a trojan.

However, another site in Slovakian wrote of a db  virus from as far back as 1999.  I'm not that savvy on all that yet the word POP were prominent in the google search.

My host that I paid for is not associated with dancingbush and the owner has had no run ins with it so he spoke to me of today via phone.

Any ideas?

Also, in the msconfig, there are 3 blank referrences directly after the check box and they point to SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Current Version\Run and I know not how to find those, I tried the path in the registry and came up with nothing.

Anyone familiar with KeyO1 in the system32 registry of WinXP SP2?

I've not removed it yet.