Author Topic: Is there no way to incoroporate the license in an AEA installation package?  (Read 3417 times)

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Although we may do so in the future, we are not currently running Active Directory for our user management.
As such, my only choice for a streamlined installation is creating setup packages.

To this point, however, I've not figured out a way to deploy the license or any client-side settings in the packages.
In addition to incorporating the license, for instance, I would like to have the audio disabled on the client, as well as the monthly report pop-up.

Is there no way to do so without AD?

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If using either of the consoles, the client will acquire the license when they check in with the console. There is no need to have it in the package. If your clients are not getting this make sure you can see their status in the console and we can troubleshoot form there.

If you are not already using a console I suggest you set one up t make management easier. Since you do not haev AD, im assuming its a small environment and likely would benefit from the Small Office console
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Thanks for the response, Mac
I figured out was was going on.

I am using the AEA console, but since we aren't using AD, I needed to supply the DNS name for the server when setting up the deployment tasks.
I had just been clicking on the "Detect" button to fill in the server name.
That worked fine for any computer in the same subnet as the AEA server, but not for any other subnet in our network.

Once I changed that to the DNS name of the server, the client picked up the server quickly and got the license information.

Additionally, I did a bit more searching and found enough info on the admin.ini file to change the various settings I mentioned.

One last question:
Since we have laptops that are not usually attached to our institutional network, I want to set those up as unmanaged installation.
Am I correct that those installations will always require the manual addition of the license file?