Author Topic: I think Avast has damaged my network  (Read 1240 times)

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I think Avast has damaged my network
« on: September 07, 2013, 12:59:26 PM »
I was busy this morning with an unauthorised charge to my credit card. While I was on the phone to the bank I saw an Avast pop-up saying it need to be updated so I just clicked "Update" without looking too hard. To my horror I saw all this nonsense about a trial and a pop up saying it had detected a network. I clicked OK to the network message but ever since I've been unable to connect to other devices (XBMC) on my network.

I uninstalled Avast completely and re-installed just the minimal install. I am unfortunately still having network problems. It's a shame that companies are resorting to trying to sneak their products onto your computer. Like I was said I was busy on my bank's fraud helpline.

I don't suppose anybody has an advice on how to undo the damage these unwanted products have done? What a day I'm having.

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Re: I think Avast has damaged my network
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2013, 01:18:08 PM »
The quickest and simplest way would be to do a clean install

Lets reinstall Avast

Download Uninstall Utility to your Desktop.
Download the correct version of Avast 
Avast Free
Avast Pro
Avast Internet Security
Avast Premier
Disconnect from the net
Uninstall Avast via control panel

  • Run aswClear
  • It will offer to reboot to safe mode .. Accept that

  • Once it has rebooted to safe mode
  • In the Select Product to Uninstall dropdown choose the version of Avast that is on your system.
  • Press Uninstall
  • Once complete reboot your system to Normal Mode
  • Reinstall Avast