Author Topic: Unable to log in via Google account due to UI bug  (Read 1378 times)

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Unable to log in via Google account due to UI bug
« on: January 20, 2018, 08:27:40 AM »
I am attempting to sign in to my Avast account via the application on my new Surface Pro 4. The first time I attempt to log in, a window pops up and I can put in my google email and PW. Then I get a notification from Google via Gmail saying that it has detected a new login. At this point the Avast window shows the top slice of Google's spinning loading wheel and the text "One Moment Please". This will continue for as long as I choose to leave it.

Now, after closing that window or restarting the computer or however I choose to reset the situation, upon clicking "Login with Google" again I will only ever see a blank white box pop up and the Account page in the Avast application reloads itself. The only way to get the Google login page again is to uninstall and reinstall Avast entirely.

It's a bizarre bug and it feels like a UI problem but I have no real idea. I can't log in via an email and PW and I can't log in with Google.

Any help?
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Re: Unable to log in via Google account due to UI bug
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2018, 02:12:42 PM »
Have you tried going to and signing in through there ???
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