Author Topic: A consumer of avast and an outlook on Total Support  (Read 2036 times)

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A consumer of avast and an outlook on Total Support
« on: November 28, 2013, 09:24:14 AM »
I want users and people to see my honest experience of avast:
If you take a look at my posts regarding some of the many issues ive had with avast and notice that these issues never get resolved it will tell you just what kind of company avast is. Today, i finally made a decision to purchase avast total support and was told that it was $179.00 but ended up being about $195.00 according to the email confirmation. The main problem ive had is that my browsers always crash and the issue is caused by avast. I contacted the avast number provided on the website, she first took control of my computer by having me go to and agreeing to sign my computers life over. She then looked at the windows reliability and sys info and saw some errors and also looked at my browsers home page which is and proceeded to say that my home page was a "hi-jacker" because i have it set to - It is not. is a credible search engine. Anyway,i realized the first representative was there mainly to capture my credit card information and then to tell me that a level 2 technician could fix my issue.I requested for her to send me an email stating that the fix was guaranteed that way im not paying for nothing. And she declined to do that. So then she told me to call a diff # 800-204-9327 after giving her my credit card #. So i called the number and reached another rep who first placed me on hold for about 5 minutes after remoting into my system (i dont know why) and then he came back and asked me to explain the problem. Then i showed him screen shots and he checked my browsers only to confirm that they dont have add ons or extensions and was puzzled as to why avast is giving the errors and crashing my browsers. He ended up concluding that this was the first time he's seen the issue and was out of ideas (his exact words) EVEN THOUGH He did not do anything at all. He then suggested for me to create a new UAC and i explained that i just recently did that to see if that would fix the issue and it didnt. He then Suggested that i restore my pc back to factory settings. So i realized i paid $200 and received no help  and no fix. Only to be told to reset my computer.

I wonder who is sitting behind the big fancy desks promoting these sales of total support and anti-virus protection and marketing schemes. This is disgusting. Im hoping i wont have to work to hard to get my refund since obviously no resolution or reasonable effort was provided. Also to mention in accepting the terms of receiving help you agree to the contract that the support has the right to inject your system of viruses, and malware and yield no results... That cant be legal no matter how much the company tries to make their TOS appear to be...Very disgusting and corrupt i must say.....
Visa, Masterard, American Express etc.. have rules and regulations, if a company does not provide a service as expected or quality as expected a customer has the right to dispute the charge under those circumstances and many others. In knowing this you would think a company would try diligently to provide a real service but i am so beyond amazed at how much i have tried and have failed to get real support and discover a lack of true product knowledge from the people advertised by avast. ... Im done ranting