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Question on Redirect - avast! Free
« on: November 30, 2013, 02:35:02 AM »
If I am reading the purpose of Redirect correctly, if my email SMTP (outgoing) port is not listed then I should add it. Am I understanding this correctly?

Redirect Settings

These settings allow you to specify which ports are used for your email and web communication, if the standard ports are not used. This is important to ensure that your emails and web browsing are monitored by avast!, regardless of which ports are used.

For the web, avast! normally expects all communication to take place through port 80 and everything else is ignored. If you use a proxy server to access the internet and you want the communications between the proxy server and your computer to be scanned, you should enter the port which is used to connect to the proxy server. You should only enter the ports for HTTP traffic, not for ICQ, DC++ etc. For mail, the default ports are the standard port numbers for the four basic email protocols. If you use a different port (or ports), they should be entered here. Multiple port numbers should be separated by commas.

Since my Outlook SMTP (outgoing) mail goes through server port 80, I should add that under "Mail / SMTP port(s)," correct?

I have attached a screen shot of the the window in avast! free that I'm referring to.

Thanks.  :)
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