Author Topic: WTF? Avast! ~1600 hours (-0600) 12/14 updated its Vdefs=13111900! was 13121201  (Read 2699 times)

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WTF? Avast! at ~1600 hours (-0600) today Auto-updated its Vdefs=13111900! This was 13121101!!  WTF?

Please advise:  Was this anomalous update, described below, initiated from Avast! yourselves, or should I understand that my system (and/or Avast! A-V) was hacked into, with unknown consequences?

I have been evaluating Avast! A-V Free for Mac for several months now, with an eye to adopting this security solution and registering for the full version; but, whenever I grow positive and begin thinking of registering and paying, strange things keep happening every few weeks with Avast! 

FYI - -  System is Mac mini (mid-2011, Intel CPU) with RAM upgraded to 4GB, 200+ GB free on system HDD, running OS X v10.7.5(Build 11G63) with Avast! Free Antivirus edition v8.0(40005) and Safari v6.1 (7537.71). Apple Software Update confirmed again today that it is all up to date.

Status - -  Recently installed software was only Adobe Flash Player patched by download from, installed automatically by the Adobe installer app at Dec 12 00:12:28 to v11.9.900.190,  Flash Player was v11.9.900.152.
Last shutdown was logged by system.log:
Dec 12 15:29:17 Maccomputername shutdown[669]: SHUTDOWN_TIME: 1386883757 858930
Power had been off, since approximately as shown in this line, from the file named "launchd-shutdown.log":
3362306     1            1       System: Userspace shutdown finished at: Thu Dec 12 15:29:21 2013

Events - -  At power up about 2 hour ago, WiFi was OFF and Ethernet was unplugged physically. Awakening from screensaver and login to OS X in my admin profile began about 1340.   Referring to All Events log: 12/14/13 3:40:23.000 PM bootlog: BOOT_TIME 1387057223 0

Avast! window opened and status was Green "SECURED",  with Engine and all Shields showing green checkmark button and ON, and Online Security in sidebar showing its GREEN icon, and Virus definitions version was 13121201, visually observed and noted by your faithful correspondent.

A minute or two later, the Avast-styled, colored, popup notification appeared in its usual place on the monitor, advising that the virus definitions version had been updated to <B>13111900,</B> and the Virus definitions version listed on the main Avast! window was seen to have been changed to the same bad number!!  This is the WTF!  Please advise.