Author Topic: [solved] Web Shield is blocking videos from from loading and playing  (Read 72504 times)

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Hi, I just finally isolated my video issue to Avast's Web Shield causing videos on kxxp://www.xvideos from not loading and on their mirror site kxxp://  I can't isolate further but did try to add kxxp:// to exclusions and script exclusions to no avail.  I also disabled Block Malware Urls which didn't solve issue. 

Site works when I shut off Web Shield.  Site also works on other computer in house on same home network though it on Windows XP computer with Avast installed also.

Site also works when I shut off Avast completely.

Could you please help with this issue?

I submitted this issue directly to Avast support also.

My computer info:

Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1
12 GB of RAM

I just updated Avast and it eliminated issue.

I updated to Program Version: 2014.9.0.2011
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Re: Web Shield is blocking videos from from loading and playing
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Im pretty sure they would rather have those links unclickable considering the content those sites offer.

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Re: Web Shield is blocking videos from from loading and playing
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I don't think they would want it to be unclickable since it is one of biggest if not the biggest adult site for videos.  Their site is safe.  Just not for kids.

But like I said the issue was fixed with the update so the videos work now.

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Don't kid yourself.  No site that's plastered with ads is safe.


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It is never a good idea to post "live" links. Change "http" to "hxxp" or something similar.
This is especially true for porn sites since the chances for infections are elevated.

Is the "avast online security" plug-in enabled?
If it is disable the AOS in your browser.  :)

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