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Secureline for Android, version 1.0.7133 - config settings
« on: February 16, 2014, 06:32:02 PM »
Using a Samsung Fame phone, model GT-S6810P, Android version 4.1.2

1) I cannot configure Secureline to load automatically when I reboot the phone.  Not a major issue - I can load it manually, but it slightly adds to the inconvenience of ...

2) I have configured Secureline to connect to a particular location, which may not be (and generally will not be) the optimum location (never mind why).  If I already have connected to a wi-fi server prior to launching Secureline, then secureline disregards the connection rules, even if they contain rules defined for the particular wifi server to which I am connected, and instead always connects to optimum location.  In order to ensure that the rules are invoked for this wifi account, I have to disconnect from wifi and then reconnect, ensuring that the reconnection takes place AFTER Secureline has been launched.  Again, not a major issue - now that I know, I can remember to do that.  But if the first item above were addressed (load secureline at reboot) I would not have to remember to address the second item manually.

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Re: Secureline for Android, version 1.0.7133 - config settings
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2014, 07:05:26 PM »
Hi and welcome.
I may have nothing of use for you as I don't use an Android/SmartPhone Device.
However, I will lay out how Secureline connects for me relative to how I use it on my laptop.
Secureline service is 'specifically' for use when connecting to "Unsecured WiFi Networks" as Internet Cafes, Airports etc. where no password/Network Key is required.
I never allow any Network to connect "automatically" from the list of Networks available even if I've used it before.....
When I boot up I will choose which network to connect to. If the network is "Unsecured" Avast Secureline ICON appears in the Tray and a popup appears stating the network in Unsecured and do I want to connect to Secureline: Yes or No.
If the network is Secured with a password/Key then ICON appears, However Secureline does not recognize the connection as 'Unsecure' so there is no Message to connect although one can connect manually at any time.
The Key here for me is that I chose to connect MANUALLY not Automatically, this seems to make a difference in how Secureline responds to connections for me.
Good luck. :)

Edit: Hopefully, someone who actually uses Secureline on Android can add.
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