Author Topic: Avast Endpoint Protection Suite Plus - v. 8.0.1490 (issues with anti-spam tags)  (Read 3015 times)

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I overlook multiple servers running Exchange 2010 / Avast endpoint protection suite plus. I am seeing successful tagging on multiple servers (at the transport layer), with the *** S SPAM *** tagging (we manually set this tagging for the server group). Our client groups get the tagging *** C SPAM ***, which should be last resort. Both servers have IDENTICAL settings, exchange and avast. The server that is properly working is running v. 7.0.1603, the server that isn't working is running v. 8.0.1490. I've also seen an Exchange 2007 server working properly, which is running v. 8.0.1603. Does anyone know of any issue with v. 8.0.1490? I have contacted Avast reseller support, but it takes days to get a response, and half the time they ask the same questions.