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Almost non existent download speeds
« on: May 21, 2014, 02:17:09 PM »
Back in February of this year my download speed as tested with suddenly plummeted from 15mb/s to about 0.3mb/s, after a few days of trial and error I narrowed the problem down to an update of the Avast program I was running at the time, not sure of the exact version of the program but it was avast! Internet Security. As long as I didn't update the program then everything was fine so I avoided any updates like the plague.

Fast forward 3 months and my paid for subscription was about to expire and as I still didn't want to risk my internet speeds with updating avast I decided to just let it expire and then go for a fresh install of the free version however, as soon as my subscription expired then my download speed once again plummeted to 0.3mb/s and even after uninstalling avast nothing has improved.

I've tried running this program -, but still nothing.

Has anybody else ever had this problem and if so what did you do to finally resolve it?

Edit 1: After spending an hour downloading avast free every time I try to install the program I get the following message; Fatal error: current vast! installer is not trusted by avast! Self Defense module. Try to launch the installer again. This makes me think that I have not managed to completely remove avast from my system.

Edit 2: After restoring my computer to May 19 I ran a speed test and I was back up to 18mb/s. I then installed avast free, rebooted my computer, and once again my download speed was reduced to 0.33mb/s again.

Edit 3: After once again restoring my computer, this time using the store point created when installing avast free my download speeds are once again back to normal and I now have avast installed on my computer once again.

Still very confused by why this is happening though.

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