Author Topic: Avast active on PC, Avast Network connection states off line, unsecured!  (Read 2368 times)

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Avast Internet Security shields are active on PC!

Avast Network connection states off line, unsecured, Shows shields off, only recognizing the Avast Free version as unsecured

My Avast Internet Security drop down box sates "Every thing is good"!

My Avast Internet Security program was corrupted on Sunday the 15 June, 2014.

I had an corrupted location error.

It would not reload. I downloaded latest version and it still would not load.
I finally downloaded Avast free version and loaded it!~

Then I added my license to it and it loaded Avast Internet Security program with out problem.

It updated without problem.

It sates that all Shields are up and working.

My Avast Network sates that they only recognize Avast free version as being on this PC, it is not secured or functioning!

Is there any way to resolve this problem, since my PC states every thing up and working, yet the Avast Network connection does not recognizing my active shields on my PC?

Any help and information would be helpful and appreciated.


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You can uninstall the FREE version through the add/remove function in the Control Panel.
Let us know if that resolves the problem or if other steps need to be taken.:)
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