Author Topic: How to eliminate Avast icon and blurb with URL blocking?  (Read 2183 times)

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How to eliminate Avast icon and blurb with URL blocking?
« on: June 15, 2014, 12:10:44 AM »
Avast 2014 9.0.2018
Windows 7
Internet Explorer 11

I enabled and added domains to Avast Free's URL site blocking feature.  When I visit a site where Avast blocked content from the specified source, Avast overlays a green-orange-gray globe & shield icon along with a bunch of text about the blockage.  Avast doesn't know how to position or size this overlay so it always interferes with reading the other stuff on the web page.  The icon is the most annoying because it obliterates any text in the web page underneath it.  Sometimes the Avast text goes away so I can read the web page without the garble of multiple texts mashed together.

I use the URL site block feature in Avast to eliminate unwanted 3rd party content or to especially eliminate bad behaviors exhibited by that content.  Yet Avast substitutes itself with equally or worse behavior.  Instead of seeing the unwanted 3rd party content, I instead get to see Avast's unwanted content (which is really just an ad for Avast so this qualifies Avast Free even more as adware).  Avast doesn't restrict its icon and ad blurb within the same space as for the 3rd party content it blocked.  There is no option to get rid of this ad blurb.  All the text about the blockage is superfluous as just an icon with a hover-over to show the text would be sufficient.

I use TPS in IE11.  I use Adblock in Firefox.  None of those plaster anything in the page regarding what they blocked.  Silent operation would be much preferred with Avast.  In fact, Avast is making MORE Internet connections in order to show their ad.  The globe icon comes from$$avast-webshield$$/image001.png.  So the local Avast client isn't using a resource in a DLL file to get the icon.  It connects out to get it (rolls eyes).  I even tried to get tricky by adding "*$$avast-webshield$$/*" (sans quotes) to have Avast block access to, at least, its interfering globe icon.  Alas, Avast won't block on URLs pointing at Avast.

I'd like to continue using the URL site block feature in Avast.  I would prefer it not corrupt the web page and make difficult or impossible the reading of the non-blocked content of the web page.
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