Author Topic: Some settings were not kept in Avast 2014 R4 Beta  (Read 2746 times)

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Some settings were not kept in Avast 2014 R4 Beta
« on: June 16, 2014, 08:29:27 PM »
HI avast just wanted to let you now about somethings.  I did download and installed Avast 2014 Beta4 over top of avast 2014 2018.  That went fine with no issues.  However though when I went into settings and into active protection I did find that under Mail Shield and File  System Shield and in Actions under the Virus tab, PUP TAB, suspicious under these tabs the actions where not kept in these boxes for example:
Under the virus tab it says  Fix Automatically, that fails then that drop down box is blank and if that fails then, the last drop down box is also blank.
it is the same for all the following tabs under File system shield as well all the tabs under Virus, Pup's, Suspicious tab have the first action in the first drop down box selected but the other two drop down boxes are blank.

I should say that i did go back in and reselected the drop down boxes and put actions in them and the drop down boxes now are not blank anymore they did keep the following actions after I re selected  them myself once again.

I just thought I better mention that all the settings were kept in tact.

Thanks avast team

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