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Some confusion, some surprises, and some feedback.
« on: June 27, 2014, 02:48:48 PM »
How long has it been that logging into the forum, logs you into all these pages, including the feedback page?
I logged in to, yesterday, because I had a question. I thought this thread might be the correct place to post my question. It isn't. However, once I was here, I read the top sticky post called "Brand new" by an "avast! team Jr. Member"  In that post, there is a link to Before I continue, I will acknowledge, that I haven't used this part of the site - possibly ever. I don't recall ever going to a page called, so I don't know how long it's been there, and how it worked.

I clicked on, and it took me to a different avast site where I found myself already logged in! If this is eventually going to be the main site from where all the others are reached, then it makes sense that I was logged in. However, there is no link on that page to this support forum! There is a profile link on, and I clicked it, to see what information it had about me (which I never entered!). All it did was ask for my first and last name. Being that I did not know where this information would show, I only entered initials.  My name from the "forum" site, my original point of entry, did not appear anywhere on this page. So I thought I was at a separate avast site, and was surprised that I was logged in.

So there needs to be more clarity that the forum and this, are actually directly linked. I saw the feedback graphic, but I did not pursue it, so I didn't realize where it leads. In fact there should be such a graphic linking to this forum, if this is going to be a point of entry to the site, and the forum is obviously linked now. Logging in to the forum, logs you in to the portal, and vice versa. Considering how long the forum was a stand alone site, with it's own dedicated login and password, I think this should be more overt.

The devices link showed no devices under my email, name and password. It said "You don't have any devices in this account – add them now". I clicked on the "windows" platform, and it took me to the, and suggested I download Avast 2014. It did not offer me a way to add a device. So this is sort of a dead end.

On top of this "download Avast 2014" page, there is a link that says, "account". When I clicked on that, it took me to, and it showed me as already logged in with those initials I mentioned before, which I entered on My true original screen name which is what I chose to show up as my nickname on the webforum site, does not show anywhere. I was glad that I had not entered my first and last name when prompted. If the page is taking the login information from the webforum database, shoudn't it also show the same profile, or at least the display name?? also offers a graphic called "my devices". When I clicked on that, it said "you have no devices", and recommended that I connect directly from my Avast Software. (I can't test this out right now, because I just uninstalled Avast, with the intention of testing the amount of resources it uses during my windows logon. I suppose, when I reinstall it, I will connect to my account from within the program). This should be the page one is taken to when they click on the devices link on

Still not understanding the situation in full, I "logged out" of, since I had already done my tour. To my surprise, I was now also logged out of this forum  :D

Since I realized I would soon be needing my Avast!Account login and password, I went to search my emails for all information from avast. Apparently I have a separate login and temporary password for , according to a confirmation email I received as recently as May 26. I ended up on that site in May, when I used google to figure out why I couldn't log in to the avast forum site. (I know the reason now, of course). I must have registered while I was there. I never did go back to Until yesterday. When I saw that email, I wondered what it was about. So I went to, to see what it was I had read or posted there, and found myself already logged in there too! ...Which I thought I shouldn't have been, since I never entered that temporary password that was in that confirmation email. Most discomforting, is that my user name, visible to all was my email address, something I would Never have set up. If not for following your link to the "new" my.avast site, I would not have known that as long as I was logged into the forum, my personal email address was displayed as logged on at the feedback site! I did have an option under profile settings, to change that, which I promptly did. It seems that the site filled in my email address by default, as the display name in my profile when I registered or something. That should definitely not be the case. Many people don't want their email address displayed on forums, even temporarily! This is not really an issue with your new my.avast page, but since most of the posts on this thread have NOTHING  to do with this thread title and rules, I figure I can mention this here, and the powers that be, can pass it on to where it belongs. I probably should write it on the feedback page, but I've already been here too long.

Instead of posting my question as planned, I was jumping from page to page, finding myself logged in everywhere. When I started seeing myself pre-logged in to all these different pages that I thought were different sites, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was going on. To my understanding, I had ONLY logged into the forum!

Eventually I saw that page/site links directly to Despite the fact that it had required a separate registration, and given me a separate temporary password as recently as May! By logging in to the forum, I am now logging into the "portal" and the feedback site as well. OK, I get it.

Ironically, on the bottom of there is a link to a faq, with the question: "Is my Avast!Account connected in any way to my other Avast! accounts eg. forum or support site?" The answer given is "No it isn't. There are plans to integrate all those accounts, so you will then be able to access all of them with one single user ID but this has not yet been implemented." So these are those "plans" in the making. Perhaps it's time to adjust the answer to that question a bit. The forum and support sites are now directly connected.

If you find this post confusing, and difficult to follow, you have some idea how I felt navigating your site today  :)  Perhaps some of my confusion is universal, and some more clarity would be welcomed by other members of the forum who have not logged in for an extended period of time?

Oh, and one last thing, that has nothing to do with this at all (unless the changes are messing up some other features): The forum currently says it is June 27, 2014, 02:47:47 PM. It is actually 8:49 AM where I am. Is the time based on the location of the avast server, or is it supposed to reflect the time that it is for the user (based on IP address or such)? I don't recall if there is a setting for a time zone, or a notification of WHERE the time is actually 02:47:47 PM now?

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Re: Some confusion, some surprises, and some feedback.
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2014, 10:47:59 AM »
sorry for the confusion. We are working on integrating all avast sites (web, my, forum, feedback, etc) into one account.  Similar to the way Google keeps you signed in gmail as well as drive, etc.

So far we have technically integrated forum and feedback into my account. Somewhere along the line they are going to be integrated also visually. (The integration is a longer process the we hoped, but more unification is coming this summer, it is already in QA) is a beta test of new UI that will soon replace

Thanks for pointing the outdated faqs. We are a bit overwhelmed by the changes and the hacked forum pushed everything forward a bit more quickly than would be desirable to communicate these changes clearly.

Regarding adding new device. We are trying to improve the customer experience, but generally you have to download avast to pc/mac or android and pair it with your account and it will appear immediately in (and

Let me apologise again for the confusion this caused and gives a bit more time to get everything aligned.

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Re: Some confusion, some surprises, and some feedback.
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2014, 11:33:19 AM »
Regarding the Feedback email problem - this is really bad, we are aware of it and we are working on a fix, hold on.

UPDATE: feedback is already fixed.
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Re: Some confusion, some surprises, and some feedback.
« Reply #3 on: August 14, 2014, 05:55:17 AM »
I have Avast! Antivirus and Avast! Internet security installed on two computing devices.   One is a desktop with a keyboard and mouse, the other is a laptop.

Now, kindly clarify the use of the word "device".   In my understanding my desktop and my laptop are "devices".   What are they to you ?   Why do I have to "connect Avast to my devices" or "my device to Avast!" ??  I thought that, by golly, when I go through the trouble of paying you for your software and the EXTRA TROUBLE of actually installing them on my computers, that this ought to be "SUFFICIENT" to be "connected to AVAST".  Is it not ?    Do I have to connect my desktop and laptop to Avast! to be safe ?   It does not say.    Or is it unsafe to connect my desktop and laptop to Avast ?   It does not say either. 

Secondly why does the website you have, the one that's called "" and which was apparently programmed by an insufficiently informed clown, ....   (consider the menu choices DEVICES,  ME,  FACEBOOK as the main option therein...(with Facebook being "the opposite of privacy" and thus pretty much the opposite of "security")... 

... so, why does this thing not realize I am signed in with my id and username?  Why does it, instead, when I click on the "Choice  WINDOWS", get me to a site that wishes to have me download your software.   I thought I was signed in and in the process of "connecting my devices to Avast".  Once I could see, now I am blind.  Progress I guess.

So, I am asking how it is possible that a website you operate can "act to be so totally disconnected from its users" ?     

What I am asking is that when I sign in to Avast, that I should know what I am signed into.  Avast forum, Avast support, avast sales, avast whatever should be
accessible with ONE ID AND PASSWORD.   Stop telling me that this is just forum, and you can do nothing for me.  Forward stuff to those that can. 

Stop the kafkaesque compartmentalization monkey business. 

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Re: Some confusion, some surprises, and some feedback.
« Reply #4 on: August 14, 2014, 10:42:38 AM »
You should have started your own thread.

Device = an object, machine, or piece of equipment that has been made for some special purpose.

Paying for something you want is not trouble and neither is installing software if you want to use it.

If you are believing the people from avast are clowns, why using their software?
Feel free to use something else, no-one is forcing you to use avast.

You do not have to use Facebook, not even need to have a account there.
It is all up to you if you create/use a account there or not. is just a portal from where you can manage all kinds of things related to avast.
Nothing more, nothing less.
What is so hard to understand about that?

And yes, it is still as they say work in progress.