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FYI: The Upgrade Experience
« on: October 26, 2003, 07:23:39 AM »
Howdy again, just thought I would write a litty ditty about the upgrade.

Uninstalled version running, rebooted.

Upon restart, got error message before login, netagent had mysteriosly not started, seems the service instance was not unistalled, ignored it as will be overwritten with new install!

Deleted remaining files left in dir.

Installed, no probs, rebooted(slight discomfort felt in foot from booting server  :o)

Before login, netagent sends me a message saying that it is still on strike due to long hours requested to be availiable for work, event message is posted as event.jpeg

I login

Setup pops up after login, explaining it is not in the same union as netagent, go throught setup with no probs, running only the standard shield.

Get a popup that avast cannot contact it's home, and is thus, feeling a bit lonely and depressed, explain to Avast that it cannot contact home on particular setup as am not connected yet, Avast cheers up, I ask Avast to contact home, which it does happily, and reports back that it found some more information to store(0310-1).

Manually tried to force labour from netagent, with the union responding with with posts net1.jpg and net2.jpg



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Re:FYI: The Upgrade Experience
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Re:FYI: The Upgrade Experience
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Re:FYI: The Upgrade Experience
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2003, 02:56:37 PM »

it must've been a reminder from the previous installation. The Net Agent is not registered by the new setup at all. This is what happened, I guess:

1. you installed the original version, with Net Agent included.
2. you updated to a version that did not use Net Agent anymore.
3. you uninstalled that version, and it failed to remove the Net Agent service (as it was not in use by that version).
4. you installed the new version; it didn't register/install the Net Agent service, but since it was already registered before the installation, and since the Net Agent executable file has actually been transfered even by the latest setup, you're now getting the message.

To get rid of it, just unregister the service in the Registry (HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services) and you're OK...

Sorry for this,
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