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Missing system tray icon
« on: September 13, 2005, 03:49:11 AM »
Running WinXP SP2 users may install some software whereas a needed icon in the system tray does not appear.  I have had this problem with Avast! in the past, leading to no Avast! on my WinXP machine.  I recently had the same problem with Airsnare software and decided to look into what is most likely a dirty little secret bug in WinXP.  Most solutions to this problem is no solution at all:

But, there is a more-than-likely solution for WinXP SP2 users.  Most notably the part about the "Ostuni Workaround", which worked for me.

Now, I haven't used this with Avast! (yet) but it turned out to be a solution for Airsnare.  I also had the problem with Outpost firewall and uninstalled it because the stinking tray icon wouldn't appear.

BTW, anyway with a wireless home network may want to look into Airsnare.  PC-Cillin now offers WiFi intrusion detection but Airsnare open project ("free" for those interested in what that means) provides basically the same thing if not more.

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