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Avast schedule scan does not start
« on: January 28, 2015, 11:38:25 PM »
I installed Avast 2015 on my new Lenovo Laptop running Windows 8.1 I schedule daily quick scan at 4 PM daily. When I plug in my laptop to power source, the schedule scan comes up as scheduled. However when I run the laptop on battery, the schedule scan just does not start up at all. I have made sure that the option "do not run scan when run on battery" is not selected in the settings.

Please advise.

I further checked my settings in Avast. I have already de-select "do not start the scan if running on batteries" & "pause the scan if batteries mode begins".
I checked "wake up the system to start the scan(if in sleep mode".
The scan still does not come up automatically as scheduled.
Is it some power option settings that I have to looked into in Windows 8.1???? how should I configure the sleep/wake up options in Windows 8.1??

Please HELP!
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