Author Topic: Something is wrong with streaming, Flash and Avast!!  (Read 2840 times)

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Something is wrong with streaming, Flash and Avast!!
« on: March 14, 2015, 10:19:04 PM »
I open this website which uses Flash completely (as I know it) to stream real time data. And it does not do its job. The streaming disconnects and I cannot see any activity on the site except for the still pages windows ofcourse. I initially thought it was browser and flash's problem. So I completely uninstalled those two and had a clean install. But it turned out that they still did not work.

Strange was when Chrome worked perfectly but Firefox and Internet Explorer which uses flash as plugin and activeX respectively failed. So, I just opened the task manager for no reason and saw that AvastSvc.exe was using too much CPU. Therefore, I thought of disabling Avast for few minutes. The moment I disabled it, the site started streaming data and there was activity on it. So, I enabled avast again and to no surprise, it had the streaming disconnect. Although AvastSvc.exe returned to its normal state of CPU usage.

My system is Windows 7 32 Bit with up to date browser and flash.

I have no idea what is happening and I don't know how to solve it so here I am. And I believe, this is due to the recent avast (IS) update. Something was screwed behind the scene through this update which I am not aware of.

By the way, I did repair the installation of avast to see if it solved but it didn't. And please I am not reinstalling avast to test the same. Since it worked before the update, it must be due to the update. Hope to see a workaround here without compromising security.

EDIT: If one of you were thinking of testing the site and you are not a user of the site, you are out of luck. :(
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