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Avast Email Server Security - Scanning
« on: May 23, 2015, 11:32:57 PM »
Upon installing AESS it appeared to be scanning through every mail folder of every user and picking out any email
that had viruses. The scanner appeared to have completed this task went quiet for 2 hours and now appears to be
completing the entire scan process again, scanning every users directory. Why is it doing this? What's the point?

(Answer: Server rebooted due to installing an update to the C++ redistributable I had to install to get the Avast
product to run. Since what looks like initial scan had not completed, it restarted.)

I note that email that it has detected as having viruses are listed in the shield log. I can select an action but then
there is no way of applying that action, there in no apply button as referred to in the help file.

It would help so much if there was a user manual with this product, instead of a generic help file that appears
to cover all products not the one specifically installed.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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