Author Topic: Avast freezes mouse (just letting you know, dont need support)  (Read 1066 times)

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Hi, i bought my MSI laptop about 3 months ago, and right away i installed avast.
Every since then my mouse kept freezing, i didnt worry about it too much at the time, just figured it was something wrong with my new laptop.
About a week ago I tried looking into the problem and came across a few threads naming Avast as the cause, of course these threads also had Avast support people denying avast could be the problem.

I decided to remove avast and install avira instead, ever since then my mouse hasn't frozen once.

Im not here to try and get Avast working on my end, im quite happy with Avira right now, but just thought i would pass this along.
I removed Avast and the problem disappeared, so Avast must have been the problem.