Author Topic: Problems with some machines' keyboard and mouse.  (Read 3042 times)

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Problems with some machines' keyboard and mouse.
« on: September 03, 2015, 10:37:05 PM »

(This would be a lot easier if it was a regularly occurring event. Sadly, it is not.)

We have about 3k machines and are using AvastEdu. We have about 800 machines that have the same MoBo- an Asus Q87M-E.

On these machines, at random times, and for random machines, the keyboard and mouse won't work at startup.

These machines are imaged. Some have add'l software loaded later. This happens at all grade levels, so it's not smart boards.

It happens with machines that have had no add'l hardware added.
I have uninstalled avast and saw the problem disappear completely for a machine that was more prone than others.
It does not happen when within the bios, even after repeated reboots.
I've remotely killed processes and no processes can be killed to allow the kb and mouse to work.

Swapping USB ports for the kb&mouse doesn't resolve it. Some machines will start working after 20 minutes, but for most a repetitive reboot is necessary.

And that's a good summary. Any help greatly appreciated.