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Paid Licence file missing
« on: October 08, 2015, 10:15:42 AM »
we renew our subscription for 50 license but we don't receive any  license file...
when i log to my account i can see the new license (and the old one expired with a big renew button...) but no way to download the license file?  :o

i already try : but still nothing...  ???
i suppose it may be only a mail issue but i need to ind a way to workaround...
i did receive mail form avast on commercial purpose  but not licenses file?
no problem last year and no problem with any of other partner i work with so ???
i did open a support ticket last WEEK Ticket ID: #GCO-837-71659 but no news form this one either.
i'm a least disappointed and really start to getting angry  >:(

Référence du produit: EUP-07-000-12-MR
Nom du produit: Avast Endpoint Protection Suite Plus - 1 an
Qté commandée: 50
Montant: 1.699,50 €