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Avast! & RoboForm
« on: November 08, 2015, 04:54:14 PM »
Greetings from the Bayous of Louisiana!

Alright then, my friends call me Mr. Joey and I'm brand spanking new to the world of Avast. On the flip-side, I'm an old-hand at using RoboForm since the product was first introduced. With the advent of Windows 10 a few months ago, I've sorta been re-kindled in the spirit of all things Windows.

I reckon that's true for lots of folk.

So here we are in the bayou (it's true, and I live on a pond, and yes, there are alligators in there... 3 at the moment, near as I can see) and we are installing Windows 10 TH2 build 10586. Looks as good on the big dual monitor set as it does on the laptops. Time to go out with the old and in with the new! Hence my landing here, at Avast. I took an interest in Avast on account I read that it's new password management feature was based on RoboForm... Something I know well and rely on. Bear with me, I'm eventually getting to a point here.

RoboForm offers password management in three flavors, RoboForm Desktop, RoboForm 2go, and RoboForm Everywhere. The current version of RF Everywhere is, which is what I use. Over the years, I've come to rely on RF not just for password management, but for ALL my bookmarks/favorites as well as safenotes and storing credit card information and so forth. It's all encrypted. I primarily use Firefox and Waterfox as my primary browsers, but for years, no matter what browser flavor I'm currently deploying, my favorites or bookmark folders are always completely empty. I never let the browsers store a password, and I usually have them automatically clear all history upon closing, etc. The mindset is: Keep the browsers clean - Very few extensions or plug-ins (ok, maybe adblock plus), no favorites/bookmarks, no hubs, pockets, read-lists, sharing, blah blah blah. Clear the cookies and the history after each session.

Let RoboForm handle anything you want to save from session to session, and it will do it encrypted on your local hard drive (and you can sync to RF servers if you like).

This mind-set keeps the browsers in pretty much new condition, and they run that way, any of them, fast and clean... All the time.

I reckon I have just south of 700 bookmarks stored in a fancy explorer-type tree in RoboForm. Over the course of a year, I actually use each and every one of those. Out of all that, I'd say about 80 are actual "logins" meaning they have associated usernames and passwords. Still, 80 is quite a few. Some are really important and used daily, like the primary bank account... Others, not so much, like the oil-change shop in town that yeah, I have an account with, and yeah it needs a username and password, and yeah, I may use it twice a year.

Mr. Joey, at some point in all this, do you have a question or actual offering of useful information?

Lessee. Is there anyway for Avast and an existing RoboForm account to talk to each other? Ya know, make friends, like an import/export feature would be cool, but I'd settle for just a handshake as in the two programs just knowing each other exist. I'm likely gonna be the guy who is asking/pushing for more RoboForm integration. Should be good for business for both companies. Here I am, and old RF guy, coming to Avast. Perhaps some old Avast fellow will try out RF and so on.

So here it is: What can you tell me about getting Avast and RF to work together?
In return, if you have a question about RoboForm, I may be able to help. I think I've used just about every feature in every way.

Thanks for reading. Cheers, y'all, from South Louisiana!
Mr. Joey