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Outlook 2010 settings
« on: December 15, 2015, 02:43:21 PM »
Since installing Avast 2016 (free) two things are happening in Outlook which have only occurred with the Avast upgrade and no other changes in software [but see below].   Firstly when opening Outlook, the Reading Pane is off. I can set it to 'side' and it stays there for the duration of the session, but goes to off if Outlook is restarted.  It is set to 'side' in the Outlook settings.   The other thing is that the send settings are changed to 'send immediately'.  If I untick the option in the Outlook settings it will wait until the scheduled send, but if I restart Outlook the option to send immediately is ticked again.  I don't know how Avast is changing this, but it has never happened before and only occurred after installing Avast 2016.
Outlook version 2010 as part of the Office 2010 suite.   Avast version 11.1.2245
JUST REALISED:  I think this might be to do with installing Avast Cleanup, which I did at the same time.  My other PC which has same new version of Avast doesn't seem to mess with Outlook, it's only on the machine with Avast Cleanup.
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