Author Topic: Big problem help me please I reinstalled free version over paid cause of issues  (Read 1425 times)

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Hello I am a long time costumer of Avast for years I've had the PAID INTERNET SECURITY

Now my issue is this, today I log on about an hour ago or so I had noticed issues with my avast telling me I am not protected.

It said firewall would not load.... So I shut down comp and restarted several times and still see it wouldn't load. I was very puzzled and not sure what the deal was.

So I did a google search and this forum had a topic with a similar situation from another user and I assumed since the topic was around late 2015 I should see the info for that.

Well I go and click and I read try the ''Go and repair option. You know the ''repair'' option for avast...

Well I did that and once it said the repair was complete I went to restart my comp and then... STILL I had problems. The firewall would still not work.. So that thread I clicked where another user had a similar situation obviously didn't help me.

So what did I do next?

I went and downloaded the FREE VERSION... Because I didn't know what else to do.. Maybe I should of came here first.. But I guess it's to late...

Anyway now I have the free version but I want my REGULAR back. What can I do to get my regular back?

I don't know my license file... usually it Automatically updates yearly and renews it by it self and takes money out of my account etc and I didn't have to do a thing etc...

So what the heck do I do now? This is not fair because I still have plenty of time left till renewal...

What do I do to get my paid version back? Please help....

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Perform a clean installation of the latest avast version and use your license file.