Author Topic: What should I do & should or should not have done that led me to this situation?  (Read 2330 times)

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Things I had done shortly before facing this problem-

1. Computer name: 2013-WD-GB-1000 (during Clean Install of Windows 8.1)
2. Installed Avast Internet Security
3. Opened Avast User Interface >> Subscription >> Inserted Activation Code (Your Subscription window does not show the device name)
4. Do not remember exactly after which step 1 or 2 or 3, I changed the computer name to WD2013 as it was simple and easy to remember
5. My Avast Account showed device name as 2013-WD-GB-1000; hence, I deleted it as name had changed to WD2013
6. I tried to add device WD2013 but I was not able to do so
7. Avast User Interface >> Subscription shows that my licenses are active, but My Avast Account does not show which device
8. What should I do under these circumstances to put things in order?
9. What I should/should not have done so that I did not come to this situation, and yet could have met my purpose of assigning the licence to device renamed as WD2013?
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