Author Topic: "SecureLine VPN for iOS Wi-Fi security" doesn't work when it connects to Wi-Fi  (Read 7175 times)

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Hi there,

 I'm using iOS 9.3.2 on my iPad. And the "Avast SecureLine for iOS Wi-Fi security and privacy" doesn't work as I've read on the ads and details on a App store :( :( :(

 When I connected to 3G/4G using VPN, I can browse pages on the internet. BUT I TOTALLY CANNOT SEE PAGES when I switch to Wi-Fi connection. I did tried all US locations and “Optimal Location”, also reinstalled app, however the condition has not changed on my case. WHY and WHAT does cause this problem? Why I cannot use this service even it calls “Wi-Fi security” on its name?

I've quickly checked past similar issues as follow, and it seems hanging in the air still. Also I've already tried to fix as mentioned follow, however the problem doesn't solve on my case.

Past similar issue:

OK. It seems reinstalling the “VPN Profile” will fix this kind of problem. Now I cannot find "Profile" on iPad Setting:

OK, now it seems just reinstalling app helps solving this kind of issue as I saw on the Avast FAQ:

 I've done reinstalling app, but the problem still haven’t been solved, and the condition is still exactly same on my iPad as I mentioned before. Are there any updates for this similar issue? Will you please help with solving this problem? Or is this just a problem with my internet provider? I simply do want to use VPN using with Wi-Fi connection.

Thanks in advance,



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Hey, any replies?? ???

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I continue to have problems with the VPN dropping when connected to WiFi, even after multiple Avast updates and reinstalling the profile with each update.  The last support communication received was that this is a known issue and will be corrected in subsequent updates.  When is that expected please?  I rely on the Avast SecureLine VPN when on public WiFi and am paying for the service.