Author Topic: Tell me how to get rid of autosandbox,I believe it caused some sort of deadlock.  (Read 1177 times)

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I was uninstalling some unused program about 1 hour ago, and a program which uninstaller used triggered autosandbox, so the uninstaller stopped working.
Even worse, I can't start any program since autosandbox was triggered, including normal shutdown in the windows menu, the only solution is force shutdown.
I know it was a rare case, but it is enough, last time it happens it was I writting a simple C program in codeblocks, that program doesn't even harm anything, that was even worse because I can't turn off any program when it happened, I believe autosandbox ruined everything.
I am using Avast 12.1.2272, please tell me how to disable autosandbox, thank you.

Edit:Found out I already have sandbox function uninstalled on my computer, somehow this still happened.
Edit2:Disabled, not uninstalled.
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Do you mean I need to uninstall sandbox function, not only disable it ?