Author Topic: Does the anonymity feature include masking/hiding my IP address?  (Read 7493 times)

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The feature in the product description on the iTunes AppStore that sold me on this Secureline VPN product was:

* Mask your online presence
Become anonymous and connect to any wifi hotspot, worry free...

After researching a bit, I read something somewhere about this product either hiding or masking my IP address.  However, while the VPN is on my actual location still appears when using a map app/service (i.e. Apple map or Google Map).  But, when I test this feature using a site like it displays an IP address for a box in another city.

So, I'm a bit confused here.  How exactly (in laymen terms) is my IP address being handled / secured?  While using this VPN is my IP address hidden from everyone except Avast?
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Re: Does the anonymity feature include masking/hiding my IP address?
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Hi chubasco,

Your ip address, when connected to SecureLine, comes from a pool of ip addresses we have.  So yes, your IP address is hidden.

The reason why the map service may be able to determine your location is because of the location algorithms that services like Google Maps uses.  It may, for example, be based on previous location data is has for you.  Googleis pretty much aware of where you are at all times and is able to identify your location, so that may be one of the criteria they use.  Another criteria may be the ip address of the wifi router.  Long story short, those services use complex decision making algorithms which would take into account several criteria and therefore make an "educated guess" that you are in the expected location.

Hope this makes sense.

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