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Recovered over a year later
« on: August 21, 2016, 10:26:30 AM »
I wasnt sure where this post belongs so i made a new topic. Im posting the message i posted on Facebook tonight. Some of my technical info might be wrong but i tried to keep things in layman's terms. I've always used advast until my two current devices.  Because of the samsung knox i havent rooted my note 5 or tab E. In the morning that will change. Below is my FB post


Why you should root and use avast anti theft on your android device.  Over a year and a half ago i lost my samsung tab. I either set it on the shelf at Home Depot and forgot it or someone took it from our car. All i can say for sure was i had it when we pulled into HD and the next morning i couldn't find it.

As i do with all my devices i install tracking software which allows gps tracking, remote locking and remote wipe. When i lost my tablet i decided not to lock it down. I was thimking if it was locked it would get thrown away. For months i checked it but there had been no communication from the device. I finally wrote it off thinking it fell victim to a garbage can.

Tonight i was suefing on my new tab and i received a funny notice from google drive. It said that my comunition with advast has been reopened. I logged on to the advast website and there was my old tablet, active. It showed all the GPS movement for over a year. Most of it from San Palblo to Emeryville.  Hummm Emeryville Home Depot is where i last had it. So i updated my number to be displayed on the lock screen then sent 3 commands to the device. Lock, wipe and siren. Once its locked all buttons are disabled. It suppose to sit there and scream and flash my info on the screen until the battery runs out.

Minutes after locking it down i get a text so I call the number. In the backgroung i could hear my little robot screaming his head off. The guy askes if i can turn it off. I turn it it off and we talk. The person on the other end tells me he bought it from someone a year ago on bart. He also works at Home Deopt. He also said he did a factory reset when he first got it.  I forgot something. I also worked at that HD and know a couple of the managers. 

Monday i will recover my lost tablet. You might wonder why the root on the tablet. Because i rooted the device i was able to place the anti theft software  deep in the android system. Factory resets and flashing new roms won't get rid of it. Avast re-writes its self with each reset. I am the only one who can remove it, a big thumbs up to advast.

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Re: Recovered over a year later
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Good story   ;)

you may repost it in the Android section  >

and the name is   a v a s t   not advast

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