Author Topic: continuous avast messages appear on screen. Please Help!!  (Read 3299 times)

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continuous avast messages appear on screen. Please Help!!
« on: March 10, 2006, 01:02:52 AM »
can anyone tell me how to remove or stop the avast messages that appear on me screen up to 15 at a time. it is, i am assuming, a problem with the twthzyf.exe files as this appears in the box. for example (twthzyf.exe i am on a computer that is in Portuguese but basically it is saying that the time to the internet has expired, and asks do you want to continue to wait. the strange thing is that I'm still connected to the net, it doesn't drop out at any stage i just get the message with a yes or no answer. i have just cleared the coolwebsearch of this computer but these boxes appearing are just as frustrating. please can anyone help??????

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Re: continuous avast messages appear on screen. Please Help!!
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2006, 01:22:09 AM »
Whilst I don't have the server edition, I see this on the avast4Home/Pro forum.
From this '(twthzyf.exe' it would appear that you may have some form of email spambot installed trying to send email. Or as has happened with a P2P program communicating using an email port that would also cause a timeout.

A google search for twthzyf.exe doesn't return any hits and this makes me suspicious that this is more likely to be a spambot.

Do you have outbound firewall protection, if so I suggest as a temporary measure block twthzyf.exe.
Do you know this exe file 'twthzyf.exe' and what program it is associated with.

What OS is your server running ?
I'm not sure if you can run Ewido (best from safe mode) then download and run it Ewido Security Suite If using winXP. I don't know if this can run on a server OS though.

Sorry I can't be of more help, hopefully someone more knowledgeable on the Server edition can help. I'm just about to turn in for the night, after midnight here.
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