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Every single week, I use unsecured networks. A couple of months ago, I decided that I needed a virtual private network, and installed Private Internet Access. Until recently, it seemed most satisfactory -- inexpensive, unobtrusive, and apparently effective.

However, in the last 10 days or so, whenever I have launched Chrome, I have received the message in the subject-line above. It offers me a choice of entering a password and continuing, or cancelling.

However, it recognises no password that I have entered, and ignores the "Cancel"-button.

PIA's energetic help-desk has guided me through the steps that one needs to take to prevent this from happening, and I have successfully carried out those steps. Those steps were in essence (1) trash PIA and empty Trash; (2) Launch Terminal, and enter the command rm -rf /.pia_manager/; (3) Launch Disk Utility, and Repair Permissions; (4) Reboot.

What is alarming me, though, is that, after a week or so of being able to launch Chrome without this happening, it has started happening again.

I have suspected that there is some incompatibility between PIA and OSX, but the PIA helpdesk's latest advice is as follows: " Please try adding the following as an exception to your anti-virus software, in case that:


This appears to suggest that my antivirus application, which is the excellent Avast Free Antivirus, may be blocking the working of PIA.

Does that advice seem to be correct ?  If so, how please do  I go about adding an exception to AFA ?

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Re: "Network setup is trying to modify the system network configuration"
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Do you have Avast SecureLine  installed?