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Hi All,

I have multiple sites on Wix - my own business and those I made for clients.  I spoke with Wix customer service earlier today (they only realized the issue as I was on the phone with them).  The customer service at Wix was very helpful and is typically excellent.  Though, here is the response on the page they told me to follow:


17 May 2017 - Security Software Marking Wix Sites as Unsafe
Known Issue
We are investigating this issue
We're aware of the issue and are currently working with the various companies regarding this matter.

This issue affects user with AVG, Avast, and Norton Anti-virus and anti-malware software. Please contact the relevant company you use for protection and seek assistance in releasing this block from their system.

The bolded part was only added a short while ago.  The fact that Wix put this on their customers is troubling.  That aside, I guess everyone affected needs to drop a priority note over to Avast/the other companies referenced above.  If we all do it maybe it will help. 

Good luck,



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I confirm that the problem is fixed! I hope not to happen again

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I confirm that the problem is fixed! I hope not to happen again
Unfortunately, False positives happens regardless of intensive testing that we do for each virus definitions update. When such case is reported we do our best to fix it asap - to report , if you are 100% sure that the site is safe then you can workaround the block with the Exceptions, however it's on your own risk...
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