Author Topic: Avast free vs. 8, "not enough storage" failure for streaming updates.  (Read 1288 times)

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with an ancient OS (Win XP Prof x64 SP2), I have to use an older free Avast program version, = 8.0.1497. for some reason (troubles with freezing browser and newer Avast programs; discovered & checked here in the Forum, thanks!!)

Everything was fine, I kept going with program version 8, and streaming updates of virus definitions and engine so far (for years now)..

..however, since April 12, 2017 (with last successful update at this date), there were issues, the automatic attempts failed. Also if trying manually, I get the following failure message (after exactly 18 to 19 sec):

"Last encountered error: Not enough storage is available to process this command. Total time: 19 s"

It can't be the disk space meant; and I didn't change anything with virtual memory.

Anyone has a clue?


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Download the latest VPS, install it and check if the problem is solved.
If not, perform a repair of avast and check again.
If still not solved, perform a clean installation.

Best is of course to install the latest avast version.
Using such a old version is not really protecting your system as nowadays threads will not be detected.

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